A Brief Look at the Very End of the Green Lantern Movie (Huh?)

Warning: I’m pretty confident this new Green Lantern clip comes from the end of the movie. It might not, and if you’ve paid any attention to what the hell the plot of GL is, you shouldn’t be surprised, but regardless, it’s a small chunk of the final battle. Consider yourself warned.

Anyways, I will say that I really like how many light-constructs Hal uses in this clip. I hadn’t thought much about it before, but what makes Green Lantern’s power so unique is not just that he can make anything he imagines, but that he can also make that stuff as quick as he imagines. If he just made a gun and spent the whole fight using that, it would be dull, but GL uses four different constructs here in less than a minute, and that’s awesome. Seems like a good sign for the rest of the movie to me. Thanks to Aero for the tip.