BREAKING: I Have Something Nice to Say About Transformers 3

Close the doors. Bar the windows. Huddle with your children under the door frames and pray to your god or gods, because the apocalypse is nigh — there’s a new Transformers 3 TV spot and I saw something I actually liked. Well, I liked one specific part of the TV spot, the part where Bumblebee jumps into the air, transforms into robot mode with the Beef in him, causing Beef to flail about wildly in the air, then Bumblebee pulls him back into the driver’s seat as he transforms back into a car and lands. That… that’s actually pretty cool. But what I really liked was the Beef’s hilariously terrified shriek immediately afterwards. I laughed. I really did.

I don’t know what this means, for me, my TF3 FAQ or any of us. I think I may be dying, honestly. Or maybe I’ve already died, and seeing a small clip of Transformers 3 that I actually enjoyed is my hell or purgatory or something. I don’t know. I just don’t know. (Via Seibertron)