Captain America Bleeds Cherry Coolatta, White and Blue

Dunkin Donuts is offering some kind of Captain America-themed donut for the movie, which I didn’t report on because it’s merely a star-shaped donut with white icing and blue and red sprinkles on it. There’s very little Captain America-y about it, especially when they could have taken a jelly donut and done Cap’s shield in icing over it, which would have made far more sense. But now that Dunkin is running this commercial for its Captain America-themed Cherry Coolatta — because we all know Cap loves iced cherry flavor beverages! It’s the most American iced beverage in the world! — I wanted to show it, if only to show what may be the world’s most suicidal dog.

Or… is it?

Hmm… he sets off a nail gun, trying to kill his owner… he leads the construction worker on a chase through the unfinished building, possibly trying to make him fall to his death… ladies and gentlemen, I think that dog MIGHT BE THE RED SKULL. Give it a Cherry Coolatta, and if it doesn’t drink, shoot it. (Via Blastr)