DVD Day: June 7th, 2011


?? Green Lantern: Emerald Knights
DC’s animated tie-in to the live-action Green Lantern movie, starring the adventures of 8-year-old Hal Jordan and the little rascals of the Junior Green Lantern Corps! Can Hal stop the neighborhood bully Sinestro from– what? This isn’t about the Green Lanterns as kids, but is instead a movie about various members of the Corps itself, thus expanding the universe of Green Lantern for a new audience potentially brought in by the live-action movie? Why, that’s madness, sir! My monocle has flown clear across the room in shock and disapproval! Scared my cat.

? Burn Notice: Season 4
Included, of course, because of living legend Bruce Campbell. I didn’t much dig this season, though. Kind of got on my nerves, for some reason.

? Superman: The Motion Picture Anthology
On Blu-ray. Remember, it’s got all four Chris Reeve movies, an extended edition of the first Chris Reeve movie, the Richard Donner cut of Superman II, Superman Returns, all with extras, and then a disc of nothing but more extras. All the many, many extras are listed here.

? Transformers: Beast Wars Season 1
Season one is available on Amazon for $20, but remember, the Complete Series is also available for $50 on Shout for with a shit-ton more stuff right here. Just sayin’.

? Frankenstein Jr. and the Impossibles
Honestly, I’ve never even heard of this Hanna-Barbera cartoon before today. I’m sure it’s terrible, but man, what an awesome name.

? Care Bears: Flower Power
It just dawned on me that both Care Bears and My Little Pony both have a new cartoon on nowadays, but while My Little Pony is a break-out hit among kids and adult nerds alike, no one gives a shit about Care Bears. The Care Bears must fucking hate the My Little Ponies. That’s awesome.