E3 Trifecta: The Old Republic, Gotham City Imposters and Bioshock Infinite

? It’s another lengthy cinematic video from Bioware’s upcoming Star Wars MMORPG, and while it’s not as awesome as last year’s vid, it’s still pretty damn awesome. I would like to repeat again my desire for Bioware to stop bothering with The Old Republic game and just make Star Wars CG videos all the time. I would seriously be fine with that.

? So Gotham City Imposters appears to be the multiplayer FPS game where everyone dresses like a member of the Bat-family or a Joker goon, grabs a gun, and then spending the afternoon murdering people. Does this strikes anyone else as weird? Like, gunning down Joker wanna-be’s seems really inappropriate, although I think Batman himself would be equally displeased with both sides since they’re, you know, murdering each other with guns. I’m not opposed to a Batman online game, I just don’t know if this is it.

? There’s a new trailer for short , which is short but pretty damned insane. It’s hard to top last year’s 10-minute trailer, and this doesn’t, but it is a good reminder that I want the shit out of this game.