Spike Jonze’s Her With Genders Flipped and Seth Rogen in the Lead


In the Oscar nominated sci-fi movie Her, a former LA Weekly writer lives in an awesome high-rise in downtown LA as he writes professional love letters for a living…this, of course, is how you know it’s sci-fi. But enough about the part that only I fixate on. The main thing that happens in the movie is that Joaquin Phoenix gets a new AI operating system for his home computers, designed to fit his personality, and given the voice of Scarlett Johansson. Soon, they’re actually having a relationship of sorts, and nobody really finds it that weird.

It is a bit of a male nerd fantasy, though. What if the genders were reversed, and the computer got the voice and personality of a similarly famous male movie star – keeping in mind that for guys, it’s easier to get famous without looking, sounding or seeming like a perfect fantasy object?

Well, then you get Him, with Seth Rogen as the computer voice. And while it’s not the real Rogen in this comedy short, it’s a damn good impression, which reaffirms my opinion that the real guy is basically a grown-up Butt-head.

At the risk of being sexist, my one quibble is this – in the photo above, that looks more like a dude’s liquor selection to me.

via Laughing Squid