In the Game of Thrones, You Win or You Get Bitchslapped by Peter Dinklage for 10 Straight Minutes

I posted this on Twitter yesterday when Warming Glow first mentioned it, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I needed to put it on TR‘s main page. If you watched this past episode of Game of Thrones, you’re likely not a fan of young King Joffrey at the moment — so watching a video of Tyrion, played by the always wonderful Peter Dinklage, slapping the shit out of Joffrey for 10 straight minutes is incredibly cathartic, even if it’s inexplicably set to Led Zeppelin’s “Achilles’ Last Stand.” Heck, even if you haven’t read the books, it’s pretty satisfying to watch Dinklage own the hell out of what is obviously a smarmy little shit all by its lonesome. And while we’re here, I’d like to take a minute to praise Jack Gleeson, the young actor who plays Joffrey. He’s really doing a remarkable job of playing his douchepuppy of a character– so remarkable, in fact, that I’ll probably hate him for the rest of his or my life. That’s a pretty damned good job!