Isaiah Mustafa Really, Really Wants to Be Luke Cage

Deodorant pitchman and celebu-nerd Isaiah Mustafa has already gone on record saying he would love to play Luke Cage if a Power Man movie came out. What’s the next step? Well, for Mustafa to release his own little fan flick starring himself as Cage, of course. Honestly, while I think Mustafa would make a great Cage, I don’t think this video is the strongest sell — but I do think if a celebrity is so determined to star as a certain nerd character that he/she does something like this (Thomas Jane’s self-appointed Jonah Hex make-up tests also come to mind) studios should go ahead and let ’em. Obviously, having a star that genuinely cares about the character and the property doesn’t ensure a successful movie (obviously, there’s no way Jane would’ve saved Jonah Hex), but hell, it never hurt, either. Thanks to VexedbyRaptors and everyone else for the tip.