It’s the Haunting Love Theme from Transformers 3

This is Linkin Park’s “Iridescent,” the tender love ballad from Turn Off the Moon. Love can come in myriad forms, people, and love knows no bounds. A boy can love his girlfriend/blow-up sex doll. Michael Bay can masturbate furiously over extraneous footage of the military blowing shit up. Even a tentacled Deception spaceship and a skyscraper can make passionate love when the dulcet tones of Linkin Park are playing. My only worry is that Stan Bush will at some point hear this song, and spit out his Pabst Blue Ribbon in rage. “Really? This is what you picked over Stan ‘The Touch’ Bush? Michael Bay, where ever you are, I’m going to dare to keep all my hopes alive… all my hopes of KICKING YOUR FUCKING ASS.” (Via Seibertron)