Marvel Does Not Care If It Spoils Tomorrow’s Ultimate Spider-Man Comic for You


?So. That “Death of Spider-Man” storyarc that’s been happening in Ultimate
? Well, Spider-Man dies tomorrow. Again, it’s not much of a
spoiler, since  you know,
it’s called the fucking “Death of Spider-Man” and everything. But just in case you hadn’t pieced the clue’s together, Marvel when and old every media outlet they can about it, including places like Fox News, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly and more. Question: I figure Ultimates 3 was the first nail in Ultimate Marvel’s coffin, but resurrecting Peter Packer later down the line would be the final nail, don’t you think? I don’t know that Marvel will do that — about the only thing the Ultimate-verse has over the regular Marvel-verse is that dead characters have stayed dead, I think — but it’s certainly a possibility down the line.