Middle-Earth Is Now Officially Lego Earth

Someone made Middle-Earth out of Legos. No, I don’t mean “part” of Middle-Earth. I MEAN ALL OF IT. Look at Minas-Tirith:


Then go here for pictures of:
? Hobbiton
? The town of Bree and the Inn of the Prancing Pony
? Rivendell
? The mines of Moria
? Isengard and the tower of Orthanc
? The Golden Hall of Edoras
? The beacon towers
? Helm’s Deep
? The Pellinor Fields and Sauron’s armies
? Osgiliath
? Minas Morghul
? The Black Gate of Mordor
? Mount Doom
? And the tower of Barad-Dur

It’s insane. these were all made by a group of incredibly talented and devoted nerds for Brickcon 2011. If you do one thing today… well, read my Transformers 3 FAQ which should be up in half an hour and send it to every person you know. But if you do two things today, the second should be checking out this amazing feat of nerdery. Infinite thanks to Elizabeth H. for the tip.