Nathan Drake: History’s Greatest Monster

Since I finally finished Uncharted 2 last night, I thought that I might as well and give the trailer for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception, its own article. I really enjoyed both Uncharted games — lots of fun, good dialogue, very cinematic — and short enough and gratifying enough that I never felt overwhelmed with too many options or the things I was missing. It was extremely satisfying.

But what strikes me about these games, and I mentioned this on Twitter last night, is just how many people Nathan Drake kills in these games. A lot. Like hundreds, and probably over a thousand if you add both games’ body counts together. That’s a lot of murder, people. Even Lara Croft spent half her time shoots wolves and dinosaurs. Nathan Drake will put a bullet in the face of any motherfucker in his way. It’s like Indiana Jones as played by Dexter.