Oh, Yeah, There’s Going to Be Another G.I. Joe Movie, Isn’t There


?With all the Transformers 3 attention/hype/terror, I kind of forgot. As you may recall, G.I. Joe 2 will be directed by Jon Chu of Step Up sequel and that Justin Beiber documentary “fame”, and /Film has a few new casting announcements:

? The Rock will be Roadblock
? Someone named D.J. Cortona will be Flint
? The RZA will be The Blind Master

While I find it kind of odd that the Rock will be Roadblock (Roadrock?), I’m mildly pleased at the inclusion of the Blind Master since that probably means Jinx will show up. You know, it just dawned on me that Jon Chu is the only person on earth who will have directed Justin Beiber and Channing Tatum. Wow.

If he’s not on suicide watch, he probably should be.