TR Contest Special: Invention Exchange!

portal posters.jpg

?First things first: This weekend’s TR contest is sponsored by Kate Moore and her wonderful Etsy store Blimpcat. Now, you may have seen her two Portal 2-inspired posters floating about the internettertubes recently; if not, that’s them up above. They are clearly awesome. I have four of them — two of each — to give to four winners, thanks to her kindness. And these aren’t not like some cheap movie promo thing — this is thick stock paper, 11″ x 17″, and are beautifully printed. You want these. I promise.

This weekend’s contest? Gimme an insane invention, much like Aperture Science might make. I’m thinking less about useful or reasonable things like the Portal gun, and more insane/ridiculous things, like Cave Johnson’s legendary Combustible Lemons. Actually, I’m thinking even harder about all the inventions shown in the beginning of most MST3K episodes (hence the contest title). Just consider it a “Mad Science Fair” contest, if you wish — just think up a ridiculous but science-y invention of any sort, and there we go. Now, a note: all I really need is for you to state what the invention is, but you’re welcome to say what it’s made of and why you made it — it may get you bonus points. To use Cave Johnson’s Combustible Lemons for example:

? Combustible Lemons (invention alone = funny)
? I’d attach C4 to lemons to make Combustible Lemons (materials + invention; slightly more detailed, still funny)
? I’d attach C4 to lemons to make Combustible Lemons so when life hands you lemons, you can blow up life’s house (materials + inventions + reason = comedy gold)

I’m spreading the wealth and having four winners this contest. Let’s go ahead and say three entries per person. Keep ’em short, of course. The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on Monday, June the 6th. Thanks to Kate for supplying the prizes — make sure to check out the other prints from a wide variety of nerdy inspirations in her online store, too. Now it’s Movie Sign (and Scotch Sign) for me — have a great weekend, folks!