TR Contest Special: Green Lantern Twitter, Sponsored by


?So… Green Lantern seems to be coming out this weekend. You might have heard. Obviously, it’s getting shit reviews, but it’s getting so many shit reviews that I’m actually a little skeptical now. Oh, well. I’ll see it for myself tomorrow, and have my review up on Monday. Until then, here’s this weekend’s TR contest, sponsored by — you know, the Living Social/Group On-type website for nerdy toys. They’re offering four of Mattel’s 6-inch Green Lantern Hal Jordan Movie Masters figures to the winners this weekend! By the way — although they’re called Figure of the Day, they’re doing a special deal today (June 17th) where they’re offering a new figure cheap every single hour, on the hour! Might be worth checking out…

Anyways, your contest is about tweets from the Green Lantern universe. Same deal as the other Twitter-style contests — each entry should be no more than 140 characters, including spaces. Any Green Lantern is fine; it doesn’t have to be Hal, Kyle, John or Guy. In fact, any Lantern, green, red, black or fuchsia, is also fine. Actually, any DC hero or villain is fine, as long as they’re talking about a Lantern. In case you’re a non-Twitterer or have forgotten the customs:

? You should start off mentioned who’s tweeting at the beginning, followed by a colon. The person who’s tweeting’s name does not count towards the 140. I.e.:

TheGreatestGuy: Fuck all y’all. Bowl cuts NEVER go out of style.

? If you want to mention another “tweeter,” simply put an “@” in front of their username. I.e.:

ShallowHall2814: What’s the difference between Ch’p and @TheGreatestGuy Gardner? Ch’p knows where his nuts are.

? If you want to have someone “reply” to somebody, use the the “@” username combo directly after the tweeter’s name. People being replied to DO count in the 140. I.e.:

Sinestro4Life: @ShallowHal2814 You’re just jealous because I’m being played by Mark Strong and you’re being played by Van Wilder

And that’s it! Let’s go crazy — enter as many times as you want. Bonus points will be given for clever/hilarious Twitter handles. The contest at 12:01 am EST on Monday, June 20th. Much, much thanks to for sponsoring the contest and offering so many toys — please check out their crazy sale today! You kids have a good weekend, and try to stay away from things that are yellow and/or made of wood. Yellow wood especially. See you Monday.