Goddammit, Soul Calibur Is Getting Goofier

Now, I know my beloved Soul Calibur series has always been a bit goofy in the premise and female characters’ breasts department. That’s been without question. But the series has always been reasonably good about sticking to reasonably realistic action for a fighting game (reasonably, people — I know a game that features an undead pirate, Link from Legend of Zelda and fucking Yoda is not the height of realism)… and now I’m looking at this SDCC trailer for Soul Calibur V and it looks for all the world like there are hypercombos. FUCK HYPERCOMBOS, BANDAI NAMCO. If I want hypercombos or some shit I’ll play Street Fighter. I just want to play an unnaturally young daughter of a ghost pirate with a magic whip-sword without it getting all goofy, okay?!