Someone’s Going to Hell for This

So you know that Dante’s Inferno game from EA? The one where Dante is a massive, scythe-wielding warrior back from the Crusades who has to kill everybody in hell (again, I guess) in order to win back his girlfriend, while is almost but not entirely unlike the actual Inferno by Dante Aligheri? Yeah. As a literature nerd, I find it annoying, but it’s a videogame. I haven’t lost any sleep over it. Until now.


?Wired dug up this cover to a new edition of Dante’s Inferno, using the art from the game, and I’m pretty sure this is the worst fucking thing ever. As much as I try to tell myself it’s just a trick to get dumb kids to accidentally try one of the highlights of Western literature, I can’t help but be furious at the base, blatant misrepresentation and utter lack of integrity necessary to make this thing. I guess the horrible people who buy them can put it next to the Twilight-inspired Wuthering Heights book. ARRRRGGGH.