Oh Hai John Carter

Well, the full John Carter trailer came out last night. As prophesied, I’m not wearing pants, but actually I liked yesterday’s shorter trailer better. I think it’s because all the additional footage seems to be of CG mass battle scenes, which gives the whole thing an unfortunate Attack of the Clones-type feel. However, I’m not worried. You tell me the guy who directed Wall-E is making a live-action, big-budget version of a classic Edgar Rice Burroughs book, and it doesn’t matter what the trailers look like, I’ll put all my money on it being great. So Disney wants to promote the film as an action-packed blockbuster. Go figure. If Disney lets director Andrew Stanton do his thing — and after the commercial and critical success of Wall-E, why wouldn’t they? — I’m betting we’ll get a story at least as awesome as the action. (Via IGN)