Holy @#$%, Lego Has the Marvel and DC Licenses


?Lego had the Batman license. Now they have everything. They’re going to make figures and sets of both Marvel and DC superheroes, and this is totally, totally awesome. You can see a few of the new figures above, but Lego will also be making Green Lantern, Lex Luthor, Harley Quinn and others, as well as some Spider-Man sets, Avengers, and X-Men (including Deadpool. LEGO DEADPOOL, PEOPLE) according to Variety and this press release. I swear, as excited as I am about the toys, I’m even more excited by the thought of a Marvel Lego videogame. Seriously, if a Lego Avengers game gets announced, I may die of pure bliss, right on the spot. Thanks to Flailx for the tip! (Via Comics Alliance)