It’s Time for the Arrival of Arrietty

Here’s the official UK trailer for Studio Ghibli’s new feature, the unfortunately named Arrietty. As Rob commented a year ago when he initially posted the first teaser for this flick, it looks very much like The Littles. The film is actually inspired by Mary Norton’s beloved children’s novel The Borrowers. (Think of John Peterson’s The Littles as Go-Bots and Norton’s The Borrowers as Transformers to fully comprehend the similarities/differences between both stories). Anyway, this trailer is so twee it should be the opening act for The Field Mice at some circa-1988 Scottish university gig, yet it looks worthwhile nonetheless. Because this is the UK trailer, when it eventually opens here next February you can count on U.S. distributor Disney replacing the great British actors featured here with the same folks that voice the CGI animals in that new Kevin James movie where it looks like a gorilla is going have sex with some chick inside a TGI Fridays.

As for those of you who find Arrietty‘s wholesome storytelling off-putting, here’s a still that may turn you around:


?See, it truly has something for everyone! (Via First Showing)