Michael Bay Is a Lazy @#$%

You guys have probably already seen this on sites that have staffs that work on weekends and/or holidays, but it turns out that Michael Bay slipped a few clips from his non-hit The Island into Transformers 3. This wasn’t as an Easter Egg kind of thing, because nobody saw or cared about The Island — this was just him being lazy and reusing a few shots and pasting robots into ’em.

/Film points out rightly that older films used to use stock footage all the time, and that a lot of movies use footage shot for other movies that we don’t notice (one of the most famous being the end of Blade Runner, which was footage Stanley Kubrick shot for the beginning of The Shining, but didn’t use). But there’s a difference between using stock footage, and using footage that was shot previously but not used, and using footage that you yourself shot and used in a movie six years ago, don’t you think? It’s not like Bay’s TF3 budget wasn’t absurdly high. That was the shot that was going to break the bank? If so, then why not cut out the scenes of the Beef’s parents, or, god forbid, even a tenth of the utterly needless wingsuit footage instead? It’s not like they served any purpose in the plot. You know, every time I think I’ve finally understood how much contempt Bay has for his audiences, he still manages to shove a bit more garbage into the bin.