Movie News Trifecta: Judge Dredd, Dark Tower, Uncharted


?? Here’s another pic of Karl Urban as Dredd. Um, I’m hardly a 2000 A.D. aficionado, but his stubble is really freaking me out. Judge Dredd with facial hair just looks wrong to me. Thanks to Greg B. for the tip. (Via Bleeding Cool)

? Universal has officially passed on Ron Howard’s Dark Tower movie/TV series multi-epic. Chances of another studio picking it up at its current price tag? Slim to none, I’d imagine. I’m guessing we’ll be lucky to get a film trilogy out of this, frankly. (Via /Film)

? At least there’s some good news — new Uncharted director Neil Burger is “starting the movie over from scratch,” so there will be a new script and new casting. While of course I’d love for Nathan Fillion to be cast as Drake, I’d be happy if they just not made it a film about a treasure-hunting family as David O. Russell was planning, and, you know, something approximating Uncharted. (Via Kotaku)