Movie News Trifecta: Prometheus, The Amazing Spider-Man, Heavy Metal

? Footage from yesterday’s SDCC panel on Prometheus — Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel that refuses to just own up to the fact that it is quite definitely an Alien prequel — is now online and gives some insight into what this gestalt entity of a film will turn out to be exactly. (Hint: it’s a prequel to Alien). Annoyingly, none of the snippets of the movie that were shown have turned up online as of it, so for now you’ll have to settle for a complete rundown of the event over at Comic Book Movie.

Spidey teaser.jpg

?? Here’s the NBA-approved teaser poster for The Amazing Spider-Man. I’m still way too bummed over the lack of wise-cracking/any semblance of fun in the movie’s first trailer to get worked up over this. So you guys can snark away about it for me in the comments. (Via i09)


?? Robert Rodriguez had several SDCC announcments yesterday, all of which varied in degrees of awesomeness. First up, it was revealed that he now owns the film rights to Heavy Metal, a project that David Fincher had long been connected with. It seems however that Rodriguez is planning on retaining Fincher’s concept of the film as a multi-director anthology, one that will also include contributions by fans via this website. Better still, he’s finally planning on getting Sin City 2 off the ground, directing two sequels to Machete (one in which Machete, I shit you not, goes to OUTER SPACE), and working on a remake of Frank Frazetta’s Fire and Ice. /Film has all of the details, and given Rodriguez’s penchant for secrecy and lightning fast filmmaking I’d say we will see some of these sooner rather than later. Machete in Space? Yes please.