Captain America: Civil War Trailer Breakdown

I screengrabbed all of these myself like a BIG BOY.

I screengrabbed all of these myself like a BIG BOY.

Did you watch the trailer for Captain America: Civil War yet? Go do that. It’s pretty good. I’ll wait until you’re back to go shot by shot in case you missed anything cool.

You back yet? Good, because BLACK PANTHER BLACK PANTHER BLACK PANTHER BLACK PANTHER but that’s not for another 2 minutes or so.

bucky armThe first scene is a bit more from one of the stingers from Ant Man – Bucky with his arm in a vise, talking with Cap and Falcon.

german copsThen we jump to a scene of German cops busting down a door. It’s cut to seem like they’re going for Bucky. You know who else went after Americans with German police? Baron Zemo, the main bad guy in the movie. Who else were you thinking?

avengers office complexThen we jump to the new Avengers headquarters. You know what’s cool? An Avengers Tower in midtown. Or an Avengers Mansion. You know what’s not cool? Avengers Office Park.

thunderbolt rossGeneral Thunderbolt Ross, looking svelte and relaxed after last being seen in The Incredible Hulk. He’s condescending to Cap about “vigilantes.” You don’t really need to be a dick about it, Red Hulk.

Sokovia AccordCap gets handed the “Sokovia Accords.” Sokovia is the country Ultron tried to drop on…wherever…in Age of Ultron. Presumably this is the updated Civil War‘s Mutant Superhero Registration Act. The fun thing about the movies reusing old comic storylines is I get to reuse old jokes about those storylines too.

WidowWidow asking Cap to lay low. The whole trailer is cut to make it seem like the Sokovia stuff from Age of Ultron inspires the registration act, and that the government’s pursuit of Bucky is what gets Cap to his position. We’ll talk more about that later.

first iron manIron Man jumps in to introduce the fighty conflict here. This looks like old armor to me, doesn’t it?

cap confiscationLooks like Cap’s getting his gear confiscated. Side note: I’m so embarrassed that I didn’t name this file “Capfiscation.” I’m losing a step in my old age.

perfect teethIron Man: “Sometimes I just wanna punch you in your perfect teeth.” This brings us back to the original story, which was, to put it delicately, INCREDIBLY STUPID. In the comics, Captain America was portrayed as thinking the government should stay the hell out of vigilante law enforcement. That’s idiotic, and this line seems forced enough that it made me worry for a second that the movie would do something equally stupid. Fortunately, having watched the trailer 800 times to get these screenshots, I THINK what they’re going for is actually that Bucky doesn’t want to register, and Cap’s fighting to keep him off the radar. There’s also something later that helps, too.

falcon paint jobCheck out the new paint job on Falcon’s wings. It’s cool, but maybe a tribal band would have been cooler.

falcon KICKFalcon KICK! :whispers: nailed it.

IM War MachineNow we get a good look at how some of the teams shape up. Iron Man and War Machine on one side…

hawkfella sw cap buckAnd Hawkfella, Scarlet Witch, Cap and Bucky on the other. I hope Ant Man is in Hawkdude’s quiver.

BLACK PANTHERAww yuss. It looks a little from this angle like Black Panther is wearing a duster, but I’m fairly confident he’s not. Check out the knives on his arms, too. CAN’T WAIT.

sw flyingOh hey, so I guess Wanda can fly now.

FAAACET’challa kicks Bucky into destructible environment. You can’t see if he gets any credits for it, though.

BP outrunning CapRemember in Winter Soldier how Cap ran like, 13 miles in 5 minutes? Here at 1:55 into the trailer is Black Panther outrunning Cap.

mein bratwurst has a second nameI think Flughafen Leipzig-Halle was Ranier Wolfcastle’s bratwurst’s second name.

bucky ripping out power sourceBucky trying to turn Iron Man off and then back on again.

War Machine hurtLet’s hope the MCU isn’t going by The Walking Dead‘s old “only one black guy at a time” rule. I like Don Cheadle’s Jim Rhodes.

But hes my friendSo here’s the other part of why I’m hopeful about this: Cap tells Iron Man “But he’s my friend,” presumably referring to Bucky. Iron Man responds with “So was I.” So I’m fairly confident of my Bucky theory, but adding in some good old fashioned Tony Stark pettiness to intensify reactions only makes everyone coming to blows seem more realistic.

The trailer then cuts to that awesome fight between Bucky, Cap and Iron Man. The CGI looks a little rough, but I’m sure that’ll be fixed by the time it hits theaters, because everything else looks visually excellent. What did you think of the trailer?