One More Crisis on Infinite Reboots Trifecta: Good, Bad, Weird

? Good: DC is advertising the DCnU relaunch in movie theaters in September. Smart. Very smart. So props there. (Via Robot 6)


?? Bad: DC has released a few more details on how they’re fucking with Superman post-relaunch, which includes killing off both Ma and Pa Kent. Yes, Superman will be parentless. Also, in Action Comics — the one that features the earlier adventures of Superman, where he’s wearing the spectacularly awful outfit above (that’s the new cover to Action #1, by the way — Superman can’t fly, but only jump really fucking high, 1930s-style. So anyone who thought DC was doing this in anticipation of the Shuster-Siegel lawsuit appears to be dead wrong, since everyone knows jumpin’-not-flyin’ Superman is Shuster and Siegel-owned. Last but not least, in Superman — the comic set in the present, Superman’s outfit is some kind of “ceremonial Kryptonian armor.” Now, DC is doing all this to make Superman more “relatable.” Hey, DC — I’m not a high paid comics editor or anything, but I have an idea for how you can make your characters more relatable — TELL GOOD FUCKING STORIES. (Via Newsarama)

? Weird: DC will release a massive hardcover of all 52 of their new #1 issues in December. It’ll run over 1200 pages and cost $150. I’m not opposed to this in theory, but I wonder how $150 is anything approaching “accessible.” Maybe 40 of DC’s 52 new comics are awesome, but I’m not going to spend $150 on an anthology to find out. DC should take a page out of the manga handbook and release this anthology in black and white on shitty newsprint, and release it for like $10. Let people — and kids, for that matter — get a taste of all the new series as cheaply as possible, and then maybe they’ll get interested in a few of the titles to start collecting for real.The first taste free, or at least as close to free as possible. It works for drugs. (Via Robot 6)