SDCC Toy Trifecta: Evil Dead 2, Futurama, Voltron

It seems like most of the news coming out of SDCC last night and today is toy-related, so let me do a couple of trifectas to catch up:


?? First, NECA’s Evil Dead 2 figures. There’s Ash with arm, Ash without arm, Deadite Ash, and Henrietta. Awesome. More pics at ToyNewsI.

futurama new toys.jpg

? Second, Toynami finally revealed some new Futurama figures! Actually, they showed Llrr and Morbo at last year’s SDCC, and just haven’t released, but the Don-Bot, Clamps, the other mob bot, Flexo and the giant wrestling robot are all new. I admit, I’m kind of bummed we’re getting the Don-Bot and Clamps before Scruffy and Hedonism-Bot, but I’ll take what I can get. The pic is from Poe Ghostal, who you should be reading if you want more comprehensive SDCC toy news.


?? Third, Mattel revealed their Voltron Collector’s Club for 2012. Basically, you get all five lions and five 3 3/4th-inch pilot figures, the lions can apparently turn into their Voltron modes with one button push, and when completed Voltron will be nearly two feet tall. And it’ll cost $290 plus shipping. I’m really, really glad I have Toynami’s Masterpiece Voltron, because otherwise I would be sorely tempted to sign up.