Sherlock Holmes in “Mysteries Are For Pussies”

Hey, it’s a new trailer for Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes sequel, full of action and fighting and guns and transvesticism. How exciting! The one thing is doesn’t have? Any sense that there’s a goddamned mystery, which one might argue is the most necessary component of any Sherlock Holmes tale. Look, although the first movie was okay (and Jude Law was a damned good Watson, at least until Martin Freeman showed up) but it was also just an action flick. I’m far too big a Sherlock Holmes fanboy to be anything other than disappointed with these flicks, and the fact that the infinitely superior Sherlock TV series has been airing more or less concurrently does not to make these Sherlock Holmes movies any better. I just want Sherlock Holmes to solve a mystery instead of running around in drag beating up people with kung fu. Is that so wrong? (Via /Film)