Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Robot Dental Patient

Because Rob is off today, I have the dubious honor of bringing you this week’s Super Terrific Japanese Thing. And it is, in the words of Ned Ryerson, a doozy. As if going to the dentist wasn’t unnerving enough, some mad men at Showa University have created the above monstrosity. Its alleged purpose is to allow dentists to hone their craft on a lifelike patient. (That is if they can stop shitting and pissing themselves from the horrific sight of it). Let’s sum up what is creepy about this, shall we?:

? The fact that it exists.

? It has dead eyes that are like staring into two Sartre plays.

? The point at 0:36 into the video when the technician is playing with the hell demon’s unattached face.

? The nonchalance with which the narration announces that the mouth lining for this thing was created by a company primarily known for making hot dogs.

? It can talk.

? It has a gag reflex.
? I repeat, it has a gag reflex.

? The point at 1:03 into the video where blinks furiously while Professor Maki talks — unaware of the murderous robotic uprising he is helping to usher in.

? It has a better sense of personal style than I, a sentient being, do.

? It’s kinda hot.
So there you have it. Good luck with that whole sleep thing tonight. (Via Jezebel)