This Is the Exceedingly Awesome Voltron Force Trailer I Told You About

The second video in my “Awesome SDCC Videos You Can’t See” list has now popped up, and I’m pretty excited. It shares something in common with the CG Green Lantern cartoon video I showed early (besides both being from SDCC), in that the animation is likewise less than stellar (although I’ll honestly put Voltron ahead of GL). But what Voltron Force lacks in animation quality it more than makes up for in pure awesomeness. Check it:

Now let’s break this down:

? You’ve got some of the differently configured Voltrons. This has already happened in the series, but it’s still extremely satisfying for fans such as myself.
? A mysterious robot eye smacking the hell out of the lions every time they try to form Voltron, and the pilots freaking out. This happened in last week’s episode, and it was also very cool — especially when the cadet Daniel pointed out how it always takes 36 seconds for them to form Voltron, and he’s shocked that this problem never came up before. Please note: THE LENGTH OF THE RE-USED VOLTRON TRANSFORMATION SEQUENCE JUST BECAME A PLOT POINT IN THE VOLTRON CARTOON. This, and many other things like it, is one of the reasons I love this show.
? Blue center Voltron!
? An evil Voltron made out of Ro-Beasts. Let me repeat: AN EVIL VOLTRON MADE OUT OF ROBOEASTS.
? Yellow center Voltron!
? The evil Sky Marshall Wade taking over Voltron AND VOLTRON GROWING A GODDAMNED MUSTACHE.

That’s so much awesomeness I can barely stand it. Look, if you want to miss Voltron Force because of the animation, I get it, but you are missing out. Honestly, for my money, there’s no other show on TV right that’s providing the pure fanboy satisfaction as Voltron Force. It’s like G.I. Joe Resolute levels of awesomeness — seriously — but unlike Resolute, it’s still also made for kids. Does that mean there’s some hokey dialog and lessons learned sometimes? Definitely. But the show is exceedingly self-aware of its potential shortcomings, and not only overcomes them, but somehow turns them into good stories too, and it’s amazing to watch. Also, VOLTRON WITH A MUSTACHE AND GODDAMNED SVEN. How could you not want to see that?