Your 2011 SDCC Comics News Round-Up

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no comics news reporting genius, but at the same time, SDCC isn’t much for major comics news any more. That said, here are the comics news items I find of note — as always, feel free to include yours in the comments.

? DC showed off a ton of sketches for DCnU character redesigns, some awesome, some awesomely awful. It’s definitely worth a look. There’s a Harley Quinn design that is still sexy yet exceedingly more Harley Quinn-ish that will break your heart that they’re not using it.
? Marvel teased both the returns of Cable and Scarlet Spider. Scarlet. Fucking. Spider.
? IDW is doing a new Crow series, but not by Jamie O’Barr. It’s also doing a Legion of Superheroes/Star Trek: The Next Generation crossover, which seems exceedingly wacky to me.
? Matt Fraction is going to write a Defenders series, with Dr. Strange, Iron First, Namor and Red She-Hulk doing the defending. Actually, that was a lot more interesting before I learned Red She-Hulk was involved.
? Image is doing a MacGyver comic. I actually met artist Tony Lee
this weekend, and he was a supremely awesome guy, so I’m going to count
this as news, and I don’t care what you think.
? DC is doing an Uncharted comic.
? Fantagraphix is doing a complete Zap Comix book collection in 2012
? Todd McFarlane said “he’d bet against” the DC reboot/launch/whatever. “Now, collecting baseballs, that’s where the future’s at,” he presumably added.
? Archie is doing Archie Meets KISS, written by my good friend Alex Segura. However, even if he were not my good friend…


?…this would still be one of the awesomest comic covers in existence. If you want more SDCC comic news, or more details, I highly suggest to head to Comic Book Resources’ SDCC page.