5 Years of Rifftrax Distilled into 5 Minutes of Riffs

Jesus, Rifftrax is celebrating its 5-year anniversary already? Damn, that makes me feel old. Not as old when I pop in my Mystery Science Theater 3000 tapes and see the 1991 copyright and hear Penn Jillette doing those ancient Comedy Central promos, but still, pretty damn old. I mean, Rifftrax is now half the age MST3K ended up, and I’ll be shocked if we don’t get at least five more years out of Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett — and I certainly hope so, since they’re doing the nerd lord’s work. Anyways, there’s no better way to spend five minutes of your lunch hour than watching this highlight reel. Enjoy. And don’t forget there’s another Rifftrax Live event coming on August 17th, featuring the sublimely goofy Jack the Giant Killer. More info here!