A Plausible But Totally Insubstantiatable Avengers Movie Spoiler

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The rumor: Cobie Smulders of How I Met Your Mother fame is playing not just Maria Hill but also a Skrull. Who got this amazing scoop?


A screencap of IMDB, which lists her as playing Maria /Anelle, the Skrull Princess. Look, nerd sites, this isn’t a rumor. It’s a fucking notion. Anyone can fuck with IMDB listings, and anyone often doing. In fact, the people who add shit to IMDB are at least as likely to be trolling nerds as they are highpowered Hollywood executives to stupid to keep from spoiling major shit on IMDB. Maybe even a little moreso.

That said… I find this pretty plausible. I don’t know if she’s really going to play a specifically named Skrull princess, but if the Skrulls are going to be the antagonists, they need to secretly invade (because they shape-shift, if they’re just going to invade in public you can use anybody, not just Skrulls), and to secretly invade they need to be disguised as good guys, and you obviously can’t have any of previously established good guys be Skrulls because they’re previously established and the audience would get pissed, so you need a new character and the newest character that’s in Avengers and not any of the other Marvel movies is… wait for it… Maria Hill. Also, there’s the actually-based-on-shit-seen-on-set rumor that the Skrulls are at least one of the Avengers villains. So, again, I find this pretty plausible.

That said, any site that posts anything — even a rumor — based on an IMDB listing is worthless. Carry on.