Batman Misc. Trifecta: Batgirl, Arkham City, Bane

? Apparently this “preview” for a CG Batgirl cartoon aired during the Batman: Bravre and the Bold “Mitefall” episode. It’s not real, partially because it happened in Batmite’s fevered animation, but also because Warner Bros. hates its DC superheroines and would never make a cartoon starring one, and then also because life sucks and would be cool enough to allow such an awesome thing to happen. What’s funny to me is that this looks about a billion times better than the actual, real, about to start airing CG Green Lantern cartoon. Thanks to Rick V. for the tip.

? If you recall, I recently demanded that someone put ’60s Adam West Batman as a skin in  Arkham City. Well, instead, someone recut the Batman: Arkham City trailer to the ’60s Batman theme and sound effects. It’s probably as close as I’m going to get, but all it does is make me want a playable Adam West more. Thanks to Michael P. for the tip.

? You’ve seen Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, and now you can hear him, too. He sounds totally fucking ridiculous. I think Christian Bale’s Batman must have some kind of goofy voice disease, and Bane caught it. I fully expect Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman to speak with a ridiculous Cockney accent, just like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. (Via Blastr)