Did Someone Say Something About “Wonderful Toys”?

Hot Toys_Batman_Batman_PR15.jpg

?When Joker asked “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” in Batman ’89, if Batman had had a chance to reply, he would have answered “Hot Toys.” As implied when they showed off their Jack Nicholson as Joker figure and in-scale Batmobile at SDCC, Hot Toys is indeed making a Michael Keaton as Batman figure and as usual, it’s totally fucking amazing. And, in case you forgot, Hot Toys’ ’89 Joker is also fucking amazing:

Hot Toys_Batman_ Joker_PR14.jpg

?ToyNewsI has the details and the many, many accessories and features each figure has, including three bewilderingly realistic-looking faces for Batman and Joker’s long-ass pistol and chattering teeth, as well as many other beautiful pics, here and here, respectively. I’d post them myself, except I have something very important to say about these toys:

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.