Evangelion Shows Hunger Games How It’s Done

The Hunger Games isn’t the only eagerly anticipated movie coming out in 2012 with barely any footage to show. Gainax just released this teaser for Evangelion 3.0, a.k.a. Evangelion: Q, which they announced for release next year (if you can announce a release date for an unspecified point during 365 days that they might not meet). But unlike the Hunger Games, Evangelion: Q shows a giant robot twirling in the air and firing a bigass gun. Now that’s entertainment, Hunger Games. What? You don’t have a giant robot? Well, then at least give the girl a goddamned eyepatch, man! (Seriously, what’s up with that? Is that new? Did this happen in Evangelion 2.22? Man, I need to catch up on my Rebuild of Eva.) Thanks to the rather belligerent DWP102589 for the tip.