Finally, the Anchorman 2 Tie-in We Really Want: ACTUAL Scotch


Pardon my French-looking surrender-monkey ways, Ben and Jerry’s – you know I love you, but taking a catchphrase emphatically based on alcohol and turning it into butterscotch was some bullshit, right up there with John Constantine quitting smoking at the end of his movie. Tasty bullshit, yes. No doubt. But nowhere near alcoholic enough.

When you want your evening to escalate quickly, spirits importer Riviera now has just the thing: official Ron Burgundy scotch. Did I say now? They don’t actually have it in stock right now. Like Mr. Burgundy’s credibility as a newsman, though, it is expected to appear eventually. Somehow.

Somebody pass that Ben & Jerry’s while we wait.

h/t SlyDante777