Geek Apparel of the Week: Pinstripe Serenity, Dark Side and Rebellion


?? I have no idea why this shirt is called Pinstripe Serenity — I see the Firefly ship, of course, but not really seeing anything pinstripe — but it’s a classy design and extremely nice-looking, so I’m not too concerned. It’s $10 at Ript, today only.


?? We Love Fine just opened up their Star Wars apparel section, and it’s pretty phenomenal. Not only are there shirts featuring some of the old Ralph McQuarrie artwork (which I believe is the first time that’s happened) but there’s the pretty mind-blowingly cool Dark Side Helmet shirt you see above. It’s $25 here. However, here’s how awesome We Love Fine’s Star Wars shirt selection is — I’m featuring two of ’em in one Geek Apparel of the Week.


?? This Rebellion/Revolver cover shirt is the greatest damned Star Wars t-shirt I may have even seen, and maybe the best nerd shirt, too. I’m ordering mine in about 10 seconds after posting this, for reals. You can order this one for $25 here, but again, I highly recommend you check out everything they have first, just in case.