Here’s a Two-Second Preview of The Hunger Games That You Should Feel Bad About Yourself for Watching

One of 2012’s most anticipated films is the adaptation of The Hunger Games, which MTV will run the first footage of during the yearly atrocity that is the VMAs on Sunday. In order to get you excited about this trailer, they’ve released a trailer of the trailer, which includes the film’s logo and about two seconds of footage of one of its stars/characters, I don’t know who. Don’t watch it. Seriously, it’s beyond inane. Don’t waste your time; just watch this actual preview when it comes out on the net on Monday.

Seriously, I’m mostly posting this to show my contempt for MTV for making this horrible teaser trailer teaser at all, and sites for posting it as news. Of course, I understand I’m part of the problem by posting it myself; however, I do genuinely hate myself, so really, there’s no contradiction here. “Self-loathing” is right up there in the site’s tagline, people. I may be awful, but at least I’m consistent.