DVD Day: October 4th, 2011


?? Dead Alive
On Blu-ray. I will never, ever cease being amazed when watching Peter Jackson’s earlier works that they let him direct the Lord of the Rings movies. Ever.

? The Bionic Woman: Season 3
The third and final, to be specific.

? Weird Al Yankovic Live: The Alpocalypse Tour
The idea of seeing Weird Al in concert — at home, at least — strikes me as weird. Listen to him? Great. See his music videos? Of course. Go see him live in concert? Why not. But to watch a video of him in concert? That just seems odd.

? Space Jam
On Blu-ray. I’m only listing it so I can mention the official movie website again.

? The Walking Dead Complete 1st Season: 3-Disc Special Edition
With several new extras, including the black-&-white pilot, some audio commentaries, and several featurettes. If you waited to buy The Walking Dead, you’re in luck. If you didn’t… AMC just totally screwed you. Sorry.

? The Pee Wee Herman Show on Broadway
That recent HBO special. Apparently, “Tequila” is danced.

? Transformers Beast Wars Seasons 2 & 3
The final 26 episodes for $22. Not bad at all.

? Interstella 5555
On Blu-ray. This is the hour-long anime music video to Daft Punk’s awesome Discovery album, and man do I love it. Unfortunately, the one dude who wrote an Amazon review said the Blu-ray uses the same transfer as the DVD, and it looks horrible. I imagine he’s telling the truth, because I doubt Interstella 5555 is high on any company’s “give a shit” list. Sigh.