Marvel Comics News Trifecta

? Marvel just released a promo/teaser/whatever pic for something called “4.” It features the Human Torch, who died only a few months ago. I swear, eventually we’re going to get to the point where superheroes die and then rise again three days later, and then shit is going to hit the fan. (Via CBR)

? Greg Pak is the new writer of Astonishing X-Men. Since I absolutely adore Pak’s recent Hercules series, I think this is good news for X-fans, although honestly I just wish Marvel would let him write Hercules forever.


?? Apparently Wonder Man is evil now, and is putting together his own supervillain group called the Revengers. While that’s hilarious enough, the line-up is outstanding. One word, and one letter: D-Man. (Via Robot 6)