Movie Trifecta: Thor 2, Nonplayer, Mark Hamill

? Brian Kirk, a dude you don’t know but who has directed episodes of Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire and Luther, is in talks to direct Thor 2. I have no idea which Thrones episodes he directed, but I’m still 100% behind this. Both the entire series of Luther and Thrones were exceedingly well-directed, so I’m all for giving him a chance on Thor. Thanks to Weeb for the tip. (Via Coming Soon)


? Do you remember when I did that review of Nate Simpson’s stunningly beautiful Nonplayer comic? Yeah, it’s been optioned for a movie. I am also 100% behind this — Simpson’s world-building (both in the game world and the futuristic world outside it) was gorgeous, and he had a pretty fresh take on the “MMO comes alive” story that I would love to see on a big screen, whether live or animated. (Via CBR)

? There’s not going to be a movie based on Mark Hamill, alas, but he has signed up to star and direct the Rise of an Exile trilogy, a sci-fi epic based on… I don’t know, actually. Here’s some info from Live for Films, though:

“Rise of an Exile” is set in the 23rd Century AD, where a brief war
is waged between an excommunicated geneticist and a world-spanning,
sentient computer system of his own design. He creates a
genetically-engineered race of humans to fight in his failed attempt,
and upon his defeat his creations are hunted down and virtually
eliminated. This gives rise to their common name, “Exiles.”

unborn Exile, however, is saved by one of her own and raised in secret.
The Exile, Jae Benedict, grows up hiding in a world that wants to
destroy her. Never knowing the truth of her people’s history, she lives
in isolation until remnants of the original Exiles come to recruit her
for an impending war. Though reluctant to fight against her own race or
her adopted one, Jae soon finds her participation in the conflict is
inevitable. Other key actors in “Rise of an Exile” are Naveen Andrews
from the hit TV series “Lost”, “True Blood’s” Natasha Alam, Singapore
actress Fann Wong, Ted Sutton from “Signs” and “G.I. Jane”, and the hit
TV show “24? as well as Claudia Christian from “Babylon 5”. “Rise of an
Exile” stars UK actress and Tomb Raider video game model Alison Carroll
as the protagonist Jae Benedict.

If you’re thinking this is probably going to end up on SyFy, you’re probably right, but I needed something to round out my trifecta. Don’t judge me.