One Good Deal and Several Good Causes


?Things I Like #4: Helping out worthy, nerdy causes. All these are on Kickstarter — not all of them need your help, but you should be aware of them anyways. Plus, Thwipster is offering Topless Robot readers 5% off this weekend! Details are below, but first…

? Anathema is a horror comic by Rachel Dearing, editor/letterer of the esteemed Womanthology project. She’s met her goal of $6,000 to fund the comic, but more certainly wouldn’t hurt. There’s a preview at the link, too.

? Souls of Toys is a book of classic toy photography by Jeremy Schultz. Admittedly, I’m a sucker for old action figures and art which uses the beloved merchandise and franchises of our youth, but this sounds like a great idea to me. Jeremy’s only a few bucks away from his very modest goal, so…

? Paradox is a time-tavel comic written by Jack McGuigan with art by John Fortune. It involves a cowboy, a tyrannosaurus rex, and the cyborg son of Genghis Khan. It’s also already met its goal; however, if you pledge between $1-9, you get a PG-13 limerick. It seemed worth noting.

? Chain World isn’t even close to its goal, which is unfortunate, because it sounds awesome. It’s an experimental comic based somewhat on John Rohrer’s Chain World game. Basically, it’s like a combination chain letter/comic, where one artists draws/colors a page, passes it on to the next artist, and so on, until a 200-page comic is created. Lest you think the comic would only go to the dregs of Deviant Art or something, there are certain big name creators who are “scheduled” to draw a page, ensuring a certain degree of quality. Anyways, definitely hit the link and learn more. It sounds really cool, and I hope it happens.

? OMFG! (Outlandish Mini Figure Guys!) is a set of small rubber figures inspired by M.U.S.C.L.E. They’re already way past their goal, because if you look at the figures at the link, they’re totally fucking awesome. I bring this up partially because the additional money they make are going towards series 2 of the figures, and because I know a lot of you will want these things. I sure as hell do.

So! I’ve just given you five great nerdy places to donate your money to. But what money, you ask? Well, the money you save this weekend at Thwipster, because the awesome several-nerdy-deals-a-day site is offering 5% off to Topless Robot readers today through Monday! At the moment, you can get The Absolute Batman: Long Halloween, Fables Deluxe Vol. 3 (which I’m ordering in about five minutes) and the Fourth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver, and of course there’ll be more deals each day. Anyways, enter FEATHERBEAR at the appropriate coupon code line and save. Then think about using those savings at one of the cool projects above.