Only You Can Prevent the Death Star PR Series from Not Happening

A long time ago (last year) in a galaxy far, far away (actually, this website), I ran a TR contest centered around tweets from the Star Wars universe. One of the winners was Robbie Boland, who had the brilliant idea of what the Death Star PR team might say/tweet. How brilliant was this idea? Well, so brilliant that he actually started a real Death Star PR Twitter account, which now has 137,000 followers and is infinitely more popular than I am, even though it wouldn’t exist with me. Am I bitter about this? Yes, intensely.

However, , just because I’m bitter doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t watch the hell out of a Death Star PR webseries, because Boland is an obnoxiously funny guy. So I would like to ask all of you who can afford it to think about funding Death Star PR: The Webseries at IndieGogo, which is just like Kickstarter. You can see all the goodies various levels of sponsorship will get you, including acknowledgements, personal emails, signed scripts, and more. But the real reason you should do it is so I can make Boland even more indebted to me. Yes, it’s a good idea and deserves to exist and would likely be very entertaining. That’s not the point. The point is that I can be the one who gave him the idea in the first place AND helped fund it to become a webseries. What’s that, Boland? You don’t think it makes sense for all the PR employees to wear TR shirts? YOU WOULDN’T EVEN BE HERE IF IT WEREN’T FOR ME, SKIPPY, SO HOP TO IT.