Street Fighter Fan Video Trifecta: Balrog: Behind the Glory, Toy Fight, Real Fight

? Someone, for god knows what reason, made an 8-minute documentary about Balrog the boxer from Street Fighter II (mainly using his intended name, Mike Bison, but you learn how the switch happened). It’s bizarrely well-made, exceedingly thorough, and extremely well-acted for a silly little Street Fighter video, and well worth-checking out.

? Here’s a pretty damned great stop-motion toy animation of what I believe is NECA’s highly articulated SF Ryu and Ken figures duking it out. There’s some nice special effects in there too. If you like toy animation, you should dig this.

? And last but not least (well, maybe technically least, only because the first two videos both obviously involved a shit-ton of work and were exceedingly well-made, and this is a bit more off the cuff) a guy has a street fight that uses a few actual Street Fighter moves. It’s not quite the Thousand Pounds dudes, but it’s worth a chuckle.