Super Terrific Japanese Thing: One Piece x Hello Kitty


?From Anime News Network:

The Japanese studio Toei Animation announced on Monday that it and the character goods maker Sanrio will launch the One Piece x Hello Kitty series of collaborative goods in November. The concept of this collaboration has Chopper and the other characters from One Piece coming “to play in the world of Hello Kitty.”

Stationery, goods, clothing, accessories, and other items will be rolled
out for sale under licensing agreements with about 20 companies. In
addition, Sanrio itself also plans to sell character goods. Within a year, about 350 types of characters goods are slated to be sold.

Is it illegal to give tattoos to babies? Because if I ever have a daughter, that Straw Hat crossbones n’ Hello Kitty bow is going to be her one-year birthday present.