The Danger Girl Movie Doesn’t Exist


?Dear Topless Roboteers: Thank you for the tips you send (any way you can help me to do even less work is always appreciated), but there’s one “tip” you can stop sending me — that Kate Beckinsale, Milla Jovovich and Sofia Vergara are going to be starring in a Danger Girl movie. Because they’re not.

This “news” comes solely from an unsubstantiated rumor on Latino Review, which, while they certainly do get some things right, by no means has a 100% accuracy rating. And please just think about it for a second: The last time anyone even mentioned a Danger Girl movie was years ago — and now, all of a sudden, there are three high profile actresses attached to it that somehow all the Hollywood trades missed? I don’t think so. This “casting” isn’t “casting” at all, but someone’s wishlist, and not a very good one at that. And even if they were attached — and yet again, they’re so not — the film doesn’t have a director or a script or a producers yet, so the chances of it getting made as is are still pretty much zilch.

So… the Danger Girl movie. Not happening. At least not now, and not like this. Sorry.