The Harry Potter Movie Team Takes a Stand — The Stand


?Yes, as in Stephen King’s The Stand. Frequent Harry Potter movie director  David Yates and screenwriter Steve Kloves are apparently working with Warner Bros. to finalize a deal to make a multi-movie version of King’s beloved, 9-billion page novel.

Forgive me if I’m less than excited. First of all, let me state I have zero problems with the Harry Potter guys, and I’m actually a big fan of The Stand. However, it seems like movies based on King’s work get announced all the time, and almost none of them come to fruition. In fact, the bigger the project is — as in the more movies it’s supposed to include — the more likely it seems to never manage to crawl out of development hell. I’m pretty sure The Dark Tower project, which once included three movies and two TV series, is more or less kaput, and I’m guessing once somebody realizes what the price tag for a Stand movie trilogy will be, we’ll end up with a one movie, 90-minute version starring Josh Duhamel and Kate Hudson or something. Although maybe they could get Christopher Walken as Flagg, in which case that might be okay. (Via HitFix)