The Walking Dead Are Getting Sneakier

AMC released four very short teasers for the immensely troubled second season of The Walking Dead. Now, they’re all kind of boring, and two of them say something obvious (“The end of the world was just the beginning!” “Don’t make a sound!”), one says something at least mildly amusing “Makes True Blood look like iCarly!”), and the last — this one — just kind of confuses me because it features a zombie sneaking up on one of the survivors in the woods. And not just sneaking up, but walking alongside her for a bit, and her not apparently noticing at all. It’s like a Looney Tunes cartoon, if Bugs were in danger of having his brains eaten. I can’t decide if the zombie are getting sneakier or if the girl is just the world’s worst outdoorswoman. Anyways, you can watch the other three teasers at Spinoff, if you’re so inclined.