TR Contest Special: The Nerdiest Thing You Ever Did in Public, Sponsored by Arcane

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?It’s time for a walk down memory lane, nerds and nerdlings! But first, say hello to Arcane Movie Tees for sponsoring this week’s TR contest — and then say thank you, since they’ll be giving away one of their fine shirts to three lucky winners (as always, no shirts or hats). Definitely check out their fine wares this weekend (I’m particularly find of this Akira tee shown here) so you’ll know what you want if you win.

And how will you win? By telling me the nerdiest thing you ever did in public. Yes, this is very much a companion to the Nerdiest Thing You’ve Ever Done at Work and Nerdiest Thing You’ve Ever Done at School contests, which means things that happened at work or school don’t qualify. Like home, work and school are their own unique locations. When I say in “public,” I mean in public. At the mall. In a park. At a ball game. Some place where you’re surrounded by people who don’t have prior relationships with you.

One note: Cons also don’t count… kind of. I mean, if you hold up a cardboard sword and scream “BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!” in the middle of a con surrounded by your fellow nerds, that’s neither surprising, nor interesting, nor shameful. But if you went up to the Starbucks kiosk at that con, and when the barista asked what you wanted you screamed “BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL!” in her face, well, that would count. So if you need me to clarify this contest further, let’s say “the nerdiest things you’ve ever done in front of non-nerds you didn’t know in any way.” Got it? And the more people you did it front of, the better.

Again, there will be three winners for the best tales, and when I say
best I mean most entertaining, and when I say most entertaining, I
probably mean most shameful, but don’t hold me to it. One entry per person, but since it’s story time, you can make them longer (as in, 200-250 words max). The contest ends at 12:01 am EST on August 8th, 2011. Thanks again to Arcane for sponsoring this week’s contest, be cool and make sure to give their site a good perusing, won’t you? Otherwise, be good and I’ll see you cats on Monday.