Videogame Trifecta: Assassin’s Creed, Street Fighter x Tekken, Once Upon a Monster

? I love the Assassin’s Creed games, and I’m weirdly invested in its super-goofy plot. However, I haven’t played Brotherhood yet, so I have no idea why Ezio and Altair are both running around in this trailer for Revelations, due out this November, if there’s a reason at all. Anyways, if you were wondering if you could still murder people in these games in supremely badass ways, the answer is yes.

? Here’s a look at the gameplay of Street Fighter x Tekken, as well as how you’ll do all the… things. Honestly, it’s the most fun looking Tekken game I’ve ever seen, but that’s because it’s Street Fighter, obviously. Thanks to Edwin D. for the tip.

? Since that clip of Tim Shafer pitching videogames to Cookie Monster was so damned delightful, I figured I should run this promo for the actual game, Once Upon a Monster, on principle. God help me, if I see once single screenshot of Super Grover, I’m going to buy a goddamned Kinect. (Via Joystick Division)